Vako Maintenance Services

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Before they Start

As your commercial heating, cooling and plumbing systems age, they can lose efficiency and even break down-either of which costs you big money and headaches when operating a commercial building.

  • Aside from staying comfortably in your home and enjoying the warm temperature, you will also be able to save yourself money by having a trusted professional to perform quality services for your unit.
  • Sometimes a simple tune up on this essential home equipment can make a huge difference in your electric bill.


Preventive Maintenance contracts

VAKO offers you preventive maintenance agreements to ensure your equipment is properly maintained throughout the year, resulting in decreased utility costs and increased unit longevity. Our agreements cover all types of equipment-including rooftop units, chillers, vrv systems, boilers all types ,oil or gas, compressors, -and minimize equipment failure, increase equipment life, lower energy consumption and improve indoor air quality.

  • Guaranteed parts and labor or customized agreements to meet your facility's specific needs
  • Guaranteed priority response time for maintenance contract customers
  • Assigned technicians
  • 24 hour / 365 day service

Maintenance of mechanical equipment

  • Gas boilers
  • Oil boilers
  • Air conditions


Plumbing Services

VAKO mechanical contractor services include plumbing support such as:

  • drain cleaning and leak inspection
  • fixture, faucet and commode replacements
  • water, sewer and gas line replacements
  • hydro-jetting maintenance
  • sewer line inspections
  • general building plumbing maintenance